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Industrial counselor Erkki Paasikivi was born in 1917 and accomplished his life’s work in Finland after the Second World War. He founded the faucet company Oras Oy in 1945 and was the CEO until 1978. He continued in the family business as the Chairman of the Board until 1996. Erkki travelled extensively throughout his working career which enabled him to accumulate a comprehensive artworks collection from around the world.

After resigning from his operative duties at the company, he devoted his time to arts, designing gold and silver jewelry and abstract metal sculptures. In the Rauma region Erkki was known as a friend of music and fine arts, and he actively supported the local artists. This is how the idea of establishing a foundation was born.

The decision to establish the Erkki Paasikivi Foundation was made in 1986, and it began its operations the following year. Later on the purpose of the foundation started shifting towards supporting research and the fields of education connected to Erkki’s working life.

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The objective of the foundation

The foundation promotes education and research in water technology, housing solutions and business economics. The foundation also supports culture in the Rauma region.


The personal research grant is equivalent to the State artist grants which are awarded by the Arts Promotion Center Finland. The amount is annually confirmed. The grant may be awarded for a maximum period of twelve months. A long-term research project may be funded for several consecutive years with separate grants. In order to obtain an extension for the funded period, the submission of an interim report on the use of the grant is required.

The foundation may award separate project grants. These cases are always individually assessed. Both, project and research grants are primarily aimed at water technology and housing solutions.

Postgraduate studies 900 €
Undergraduate studies 400 €

Travel expenses connected to studies/research
Finland 200 €
Europe 400 €
Intercontinental 900 €
Student exchange travel expenses will not be supported.

The foundation evaluates each application individually, and there may be deviations from the above mentioned amounts. The applicants are required to inform the foundation in case they have been awarded other grants as this may have an effect on the selection process.

Any given applicant may be awarded a grant or a scholarship for the maximum period of three consecutive years.

Applicants must fill in the form approved by the foundation. The form has to be completed, signed and submitted by due date to the foundation’s address in Helsinki. Applications in electronic format are not accepted. If the applicant is a group, the name and contact details of the group leader should be included in the application. It is the responsibility of the group leader to report on the usage of the grant. The required attachments for undergraduate studies are study register, possible research proposal and CV, and for postgraduate studies a letter of recommendation from the project supervisor, research proposal and CV.

The Board of the foundation processes the applications annually in November. The positive decisions will be informed to the applicants by 15th of December. The foundation does not justify its decisions.

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The use of the grants exceeding 1 000 € are to be reported within one year from the issuing date. If the project or research exceeds the period of one year, an interim report and attachments will be annually submitted to the foundation by the end of September. The report may be done as free-form or by filling in the reporting form of the foundation.

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Privacy policy

When sending a grant application to Erkki Paasikivi Foundation, the applicant provides Erkki Paasikivi Foundation with certain personal information. The information is saved in the register maintained by the foundation. The register is regulated by the Personal Data Act (523/1999). The personal information collected in the register is used in the decision making of grants to be awarded. Other information collected by Erkki Paasikivi Foundation is information relating to the payment of the awarded grants and information required for the follow-up process and the final reports. Erkki Paasikivi Foundation notifies the tax authorities and Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution of the grants awarded.

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Contact information


Kristiina Paasikivi | Chairman of the Board
Eerik Paasikivi | Vice Chairman of the Board
Risto Paasikivi | Member of the Board
Simo Valtti | Member of the Board

Erkki Paasikivi foundation
c/o Oras Invest Oy
Fabianinkatu 14 A, 4th floor
00100 Helsinki

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